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A cooling fan for users to use common sense

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Because users don't have a comprehensive knowledge of the cooling fan and cognition, the fan is in use, some users may feel unable to cope with the cooling fan in the use of some of the problems, to bring the cooling fan is very difficult to do thorough research, but is necessary to master some basic common sense, especially a few basic parameters of the cooling fan, such as flow, total pressure, rotating speed of knowledge, to these points make a brief introduction here.
first introduce some knowledge of the cooling fan flow. This is also one of the biggest users encounter. In general, the different types of cooling fan will use different measurement units, domestic fan often use m3 / h, and a cooling fan used in m3 / min, no matter use what kind of measurement units, must want to know the cooling fan in the flow cross section on pressure, flows through the throughflow section will follow the volume of flow is different, understand these is enough.
the cooling fan and total pressure, dynamic pressure, static pressure and so on, these and users in the process of the cooling fan has a direct impact. Air pressure is generally lead to the cooling fan on the exit total pressure and total pressure on the import section, the difference between the air flow at some point or total pressure is equal to that point or at a certain section of the sum of the dynamic pressure and static pressure on the cross section.
and the cooling fan of the static pressure is a point or full of gas in the air space of a point of absolute pressure and differential pressure of the atmospheric pressure, the point at which a positive pressure is higher than the atmospheric pressure, negative below. The kinetic energy of the gas on the cooling fan exit characterized by stress. Or dynamic pressure gas from zero speed is accelerated to a certain speed the required pressure. Dynamic pressure and turbulence kinetic energy is proportional to the. Dynamic pressure acting on the airflow direction only, and is always positive. The calculation of dynamic pressure also has a certain formula, everyone can be found on the professional books and records related formula calculation method.
dynamic pressure and static pressure directly affects the total pressure of the cooling fan process, thus to successfully master the total pressure is must for the cooling fan of the static pressure and dynamic pressure necessary to do some homework. Learn to know the dynamic pressure process what is principle of the cooling fan. Users of these knowledge are need cooling fan to grasp, to understand, not because a knowledge of the complex and easily ignored.
the above several parameters, not only for the cooling fan, the fan, exhaust fan, centrifugal cooling fan, cooling fan, drum fan, etc all kinds of car fan is applicable. The first introduces the several kinds of cooling fan is essential, the most important basic common sense, all point to other later one by one.
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