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A cooling fan fault solution proposal

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Cooling fans will inevitably be in the process of using a few small fault, you don't know how to solve when they need to ask professional personage to repair for you, not only time-consuming and expensive, so his master a few fan fault solution is it not better, when the fan failure himself can easily solve, considerable time, tong chi car gives you the following a few fan malfunction and solution.

a cooling fan main faults are:

fan noise, fan does not turn or speed is not normal, fan is different, the fan noise. 。 。 。 。 。 。

the main cause of the cooling fan noise are: fan dust, normal wear and tear, motor damage, etc.

the reason analysis:

fan dust: a cooling fan air convection produced at work for laptop heat dissipation at the same time, also put the dust in the air and stay in their surface cooling near the mouth, not only affects the cooling effect, and increase the cooling fan of the load at the same time, also changed the air convection environment, leading to the noise. This kind of phenomenon if dust removal in time, will not affect the parts; If not dust in time, as time passes can cause fan shaft wear to produce blades 'eccentric', this kind of noise, only replace the cooling fan can solve the problem.

normal wear:

a cooling fan blades 'eccentric' is a major cause of noise. Fan blade's center of gravity on the axis, when running smoothly, sound is very small, but with daily use wear, will produce a certain deviation, the focus of blades did not cause any 'eccentric', on the axis of the fan after rolling, is equivalent to an oscillator ( Oscillator is on the motor shaft with an eccentric wheel) , along with the use of time longer, fan bearing wear, exacerbated vibration noise.

motor damage:

a cooling fan is an easy wear parts, the motor after reach the design life or be affected with damp be affected with damp internal short-circuit, overload, power surge is likely to lead to motor damage, the fault belongs to the normal phenomenon, replace the fan can be solved.

solution proposal:

wind cooling fan is normal in a work, but if I found you dc cooling fans or ac cooling fan sound buyers increased obviously when compared with normal work or wind had significant difference ( If there are any scratching, crash) At this time, need to maintenance or dust cleaning fan.
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