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A cooling fan doesn't turn

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Cooling fans don't turn to do

failure phenomenon: with a new assembly fairy usually use everything is normal, just in the motherboard BIOS, of report to 0 RPM ( Revolutions per minute) , ATX architecture board basically all currently supported fan speed monitoring function, which made us can not open the car under the condition of understanding the operation of the fan in the, in this case the failure phenomenon is not obvious because the BIOS monitoring operation transfer information and report the cause of false positives phenomenon usually has the following kinds.

1. The FAN FAN power cord is not plugged into the mainboard interface, but on the other FAN interface, although this plug does not affect the normal operation of the computer, but the BIOS is unable to monitor to the workings of the FAN.

2. Fan of the power cord is poor contact plate production in the corresponding interface, this situation is more common.

3. Adopted by the fan for the unqualified products, its only two power cord, motor without intermediate speed lead to the fan speed information feedback to the BIOS.

4. The machine's main board and the fans exist differences in speed wire electrical performance index, so that the BIOS can not get the correct electrical information, but this is often quoted for the guide to the BIOS fan speed and actual speed have a larger difference in determining. Does not exist under the condition of two kinds of circumstances, general won't appear report speed is zero. Wenling city tong chi auto air conditioning manufacturing co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of cooling fans.
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