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A cooling fan brand

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
A cooling fan in the continuous development of science and technology under the action of a wide range of applications, its cooling fan brand, from all walks of life are rolling in, but in the industry first in the list, a cooling fan brand at the moment it is impossible to shake.

the first top of the list is EBM ebm-papst, belong to the ashkenazi, belongs to the ancestor of cooling fan community level, was established in 1963, is one of the most complete cooling fan size can do brand, worldwide 29 manufacturing base, 49 sales offices, a cooling fan is the pioneer of the field.

Japanese SAN yukio okamoto, DENKI mountain is the Japanese brand, was founded in 1927, the first to do servo system, the power supply system, in the research and development of the cooling fan and after mature technology, to the fan industry reputation, with EBM in strength.

Japanese Nidec Japan's electricity production ( Nead) , founded in 1973, a cooling fan with low noise, high efficiency, the characteristics of the high reliability and high stability, win the trust of customers around the country, factory and branch offices all over the world, at the same time, so the world's leading mechanical and electrical products such as its special bearing, small brushless motor as one of the most important parts in the fan.

department JAMICON kay beauty, founded in 1973, the main products for industrial cooling fan, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, electronic ballast. Both at home and abroad have a production factory, keep improving its focus on the production of DC axial diaspora heat fan, DC blower and AC shaft diaspora heat fan, high performance/price ratio, and its products, has the relative trade absolute advantage, is one of our customers choose the preferred supplier.

understanding of the cooling fan brand is here today, to introduce the four one of the best brand in the cooling fan,

chi car professional do fan, agent JAMICON kaimei fan, Taiwan AVC macro fan, Japanese SAN YODENKI mountain the cooling fan, has its own r&d team, to provide the most professional, the most perfect technical support!
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