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A cooling fan blades

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Cooling fan blades

leaf inclination, the inclination, the greater the blade pressure difference between top and bottom surface, the greater the same wind pressure, the greater the speed.

leaf number: the fan blade quantity orders, most is 5. 7. 9. If an odd number, such as using the even blades, it is easy to make the system work, will make the leaf or core shaft fracture.

leaf radian: toward a direction of rotation is slightly bent, have certain radian, ensures the prehistoric out of the outlet air flow is concentrated in the front of columnar space, increase now the wind blowing distance.

the spindle diameter: because of the existence of surface and bearing axial flow fan is the central part of the main shaft is unavoidably exist without air the blind area, main shaft diameter determines the size of the blind area.

the balance of the blades, blades of physical axis of center of mass and not on the same blade when running blades caused by unbalance vibration.

blades usually use PPT material injection.

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