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【 A cooling fan 】 Big effect on laptop?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
【 A cooling fan 】 Big effect on laptop?
for many users, how can it be the will the laptop heat dissipation is reasonable? Is a very headache thing, especially in the summer is coming soon, actually not with worry, just need to have the following three conditions: the first one, have enough heat dissipation space; Second, the cooling air duct design will xu is reasonable; Third, high calorific value components cannot be too concentrated. The three seemingly simple cooling demand, want to do is really not easy for a laptop.
about heat dissipation space problem, the advantages and characteristics of a laptop than traditional desktop is frivolous, because the laptop inside the space is narrow, the cooling capacity is under certain restrictions, even now thin and equipped with low power consumption microprocessor, heat dissipation also won't have very good performance. So, laptop cool the space is limited, the cooling air duct design becomes the key to its cooling performance. Has good cooling air duct design is the rational use of the body's internal space, the outlet and inlet position is very important, improper arrangement, if both position or close or congestion, it is bound to lead to poor heat dissipation problems, serious can lead to overheating electronic components and damage. So original high calorific value cannot too concentrated, scattered layout can effectively prevent the high temperature deposition in the body and cause hardware failure. Laptop at the bottom of the fuselage is generally equipped with legs, or tall or low, their role is to ensure that the bottom of the fuselage leaves room for air circulation, not a lot of heat. Although laptops have such design, has played a certain heat dissipation effect, but just a little high at a time not so useful, many users were thought of using heat dissipation base to enhance the cooling effect. In fact zui basic principle of heat dissipation base is actually increasing the laptop at the bottom of the air circulation, so basically all the heat dissipation base joint notebooks are drafty side at the bottom of the design. Some products have no fans, driven by natural air flow; Most products are equipped with fan air supply, one, two, or more. Because most laptops at the bottom of the fuselage would design a ventilation window, padding or combined heat dissipation base can really for the fuselage internal cooling fan send to more cold air, in order to improve the cooling efficiency.

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