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A cooling fan bearing is introduced: the analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of different bearing

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Cooling fans of different function and type of fan bearings are used by different? That what are the main ventilation fan, bearing, bearing and what are the advantages and disadvantages of different? Tong chi car detailed introduce to you below:

oil bearing:

traditional brushless dc fan motor design, is the blades turn) Through the oil bearing and shaft core, hereinafter referred to as SLEEVE bearing, fixed pin joint in the center position of the motor stator, rotor and the stator maintain an appropriate gap between core shaft and bearing, of course, also be sure to have a gap between the existence of, don't lock shaft core die and can't work; And part referred to the stator of the motor stator structure, after the power input, can produce induction between rotor and stator magnetic field lines, and drive circuit of the control of fan motor running. So the fan motor of traditional architecture, there is only one blade rotor and a motor stator and a drive circuit, and through the core shaft and the bearing pin joint, running with magnetic field induction.

the advantages of oil bearing:

1. Resistance to the impact of outside force, transportation and damage caused by less;

2. Cheap, compared with the ball bearing, price difference is very big.

the oil bearing faults:

1. The dust in the air will be inhaled for running of fan motor and the motor core, and storage around the bearing of lubricating oil blending with sludge, and running noise, and even turn card to death.

2. Bearing inside diameter is easy to wear and short service life.

3. Cannot be used in portable products.

4. Bearing and axial clearance is small, the motor running activation effect is poorer.

ball bearing:

ball bearing is to use round metal bead, belong to the point of contact, therefore, activate the operation is easy. Combined with ball bearings used with spring, so at the top of the spring with a BALLBearing metal ring, and the whole weight of the rotor blades is located on the ball bearing, and by spring indirect top bracing, so it can be used in different direction, Angle of portable products, but still to prevent falling, in order to avoid the ball bearing is damaged, and cause the noise generation and the service life of the impairment.

the advantages of using ball bearings

1. Metal bead work belongs to the point of contact, the activation is easy to operation.

2. Can be used in often with different Angle and direction implantation operation of portable products.

3. Compared with the oil bearing a longer service life.

ball bearing faults

1. Bearing structure is quite fragile, cannot withstand the impact of external forces.

2. The motor turns, the metal bead rolling can produce large noise.

3. The price is high, can't compete with oil bearing on the cost price.

4. The source of the ball bearing and quantity demand, not easy to control.

5. Use ball bearing of the elasticity of the spring to its positioning, assembly is not easy.

when in selecting a cooling fan bearings can undertake choosing according to their own products and combining with the characteristics of the fan, whether it's cooling fan or ac dc cooling fans, bearing is not the same. If you don't know how to choose, please contact chi car, chi car as a leading man for a cooling fan in China, can provide the best heat dissipation solutions for your products.
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