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A cooling fan application optimization proposals - — 150 w photography lights optimization case

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
150 w photographic lamp cooling fan noise optimization application case:

appeal: reduce the speed of the cooling fan is used to reduce noise, premise condition is the most high temperature 60 ℃ / radiator in 27 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ environment.

the cooling fan testing purpose: confirm when meet the cooling fan minimum speed.

test conditions: 1, 150 w camera lights

2, YY9225L12B

3, leds highest brightness

4, test, environment temperature 32 ℃ ( No air conditioning environment)

test results:

1, the lowest under the premise of meet the cooling cooling fan speed 2000 RPM, the environment temperature 32 ℃, 2000 RPM, the cooling temperature is close to 60 ℃.

2, 150 w camera lights with a cooling fan and 60 w camera lights with cooling fans to share test and comparison:

when environment temperature 32 ℃, the cooling fan speed 1600 RPM, 150 w is 63 degrees, more than 3 degrees.

the cooling fan is reducing noise optimization advice:

1, the cooling fan is four feet increase the damping rubber mat, the thickness of 2 - 3 mm

2, cover opening into the wind and the fan casing flush, suggested that shell into the wind hole before cooling fan into the tuyere

3, cooling fan as general as possible, easy to purchase stock and management; Suggestion:

A; A cooling fan at 1600 RPM and 2000 RPM compromise choice, such as: 1800 RPM, as far as possible to share the same specifications.

B; When choosing 2000 RPM fan 60 w camera lights, suggest appropriate resistance partial pressure, reduce the cooling fan speed.

in the cooling fans play screw add rubber gasket, effect is obvious to the whole machine noise, at the same time, the cooling fan on the radiator installation and keep a certain distance, the noise impact is bigger also, so strongly recommend rubber pad.

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