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【 48 v dc fan wholesale 】 To build '48 v dc fan base in China'

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
【 48 v dc fan wholesale 】 To build & other; Throughout China 48 v dc fan base &;
wenling chi automotive air conditioning manufacturing co. , LTD to build & other; Throughout China 48 v dc fan base &; Have special opinions
for 48 v dc fan cooling, not only related to the 48 v dc fan, whether can also with 48 v dc fan related to CPU coordination, so, the choose and buy of 48 v dc fan cooling to see not only the price of high and low, the more important thing should be fit with CPU, not only will not achieve the ideal cooling off, severe and may damage the CPU. The machine's main board with CPU fan exist differences in speed wire electrical function index. In fact, a water cooling system is composed of radiator, water pipe and a pump. Split type IC control circuit of different kind of dispute, but the primary purpose is to supply more useful moderation and caress with useful features related to demand function and fan coil.
although most of the fan on the current market is about 48 v dc fan smoothly on the heat sink, but also has the fan and the fan is not directly fixed on the radiator, but is fixed on a plastic frame. Structure is simple, for less than 40%, the internal combustion engine parts price cut space eve, also lower maintenance costs. The graphics card as a major component of the host computer department, bear the mission of output display graphics for people engaged in the professional graphic design graphics is very main. Around 8 g or function of the CPU, 512 MB ram, 120 gb hard drive, geforce6200 level besides the graphics card, using popular case and mouse, and there is no model of the operating system. 5. 4 billion transistors) 。 Capacity of other parameters of different capacity under the situation of the university, the better, but not only notice when dou jin graphics to memory ( A lot of js will focus at low function with university video memory as a selling point) 。 In addition, the Stirling cycle policy thought is aip ( Don't rely on aerodynamic) Craft an underlying purpose, to ensure that the conventional power submarine long time underwater navigation, and does not need to rise.
48 v dc fan has the advantages of 48 v dc fan in good condition, and the CPU can be a good fit, achieve very good effect.

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