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【 48 v dc fan wholesale 】 All service

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
【 48 v dc fan wholesale 】 Everything service
in order to reduce the low noise in use process will xu, pay attention to the following: system impedance: air flow resistance will cause air flow noise generated. Air turbulence: due to the design of the runner caused by bad air turbulence will appear with high frequency noise, if the port is not improve it is difficult to have simple. Fan speed and size, the faster the speed of the fan cooling effect, the better, the bigger the size of the fan air volume, the greater the heat dissipation effect is better. The higher the speed of the fan noise, the greater the size, the greater the noise. Temperature rise: low after the temperature rise of temperature, cooling effect is reduced. Vibration, the vibration will cause the noise of the fan rise, reduced life spans and lower speed.
voltage fluctuation, voltage fluctuation will cause the fan speed change, make the job instability and generates additional noise. Some other requirements in the design of the design considerations: will xu into consideration, and also to ensure the heat dissipation effect. ( 1) Fan inlet air distance: 3 ~ 5 mm distance is zui basis points, 3 mm & ndash; — Fan efficiency of 80% 4 mm & ndash; — Fan efficiency of 90% 5 mm & ndash; — The fan efficiency is 100% ( 2) Different air inlet and outlet can cause the great change of airflow resistance, inward and outward opening, of course, the bigger the better.
( 3) Don't place in the vicinity of the fan inlet blocking objects, Such as chip and interface, etc. ) , otherwise, it will reduce the air flow fan. ( 4) Zui good use rubber to fixed fan, rather than the metal screws, so that you can avoid vibration. ( 5) Fan space design. To fan efficiency, noise, xu will ensure blades and fan shell for 5 ~ 10 mm distance. Fan blades will xu near the Tongue in order to obtain better efficiency.

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