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4010 the use time of dc cooling fan and waterproof performance

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Have some products that require DC cooling fan waterproof performance, the waterproof performance of DC cooling fan, most of the size is larger, this small size 4010 waterproof model can do? Hanging off the 4010 type DC cooling fan, is a designed mould, our company for the customer, of course, designed mold is other customers, not except him this DC cooling fan, we can't see the PCB from the appearance, can't see the coils, motors, all sealed up, we have done experiments, the design, the DC cooling fan is put in water for a long time work, take out to test the performance of DC cooling fan, still won't change, there will be no more problem such as rust, the waterproof performance rating IPX7 we know a regular 4010 cooling fan is not meet IPX7 waterproof level, because of the outer frame, blades and other structure is different, but can reach IPX4, motor with vacuum coating can be detailed requirements on the waterproof grade, please see the relevant information query. About the plans of dc cooling fan, you first need to understand a little, YiRongChuan science and technology in the production of dc cooling fan is using brushless motor, so there is no carbon brush life problem, the plans of dc cooling fan of mainly related to the bearing oil bearing life is 20000 hours, the plans of double ball bearing is 50000 hours, liquid ya bearing life of about 30000 hours, the conditions for room temperature under normal using 4010 forecast for high air volume type in the name of the dc cooling fan, speed fast in theory, will accelerate the wastage of the bearing, but for high precision bearing wear-resisting, long life actually had little effect. Wenling city chi automotive air conditioning technology co. , LTD was founded in 2002 in wen ling, is a focus on research and development, production, sales, radiator cooling fan of high-tech enterprises. Produced dc cooling fans, ac cooling fan, blower, waterproof/dustproof cooling fan, EC conversion and the cooling fan, radiator dc cooling fan, car radiator cooling fan, mute radiator cooling fan, radiator cooling fan, turbo cooling fan, dc dc cooling fan, centrifugal fan, blower, air blower factory, new energy dc cooling fan, brushless motor, etc. , has been widely used in: communications equipment, UPS power supply, medical equipment, electric welding machine, industrial control equipment, household electrical appliances, air purification industry, automobile industry, projectors, beauty equipment, sports equipment, and other areas of the industry.
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